Wetwells and Basins


LFM has been building quality fiberglass reinforced wetwells and basins since 1982. We utilize the latest filament winding equipment, providing our customers with the highest quality fiberglass products in the market today. LFM fiberglass wetwells and basins are leak-free and corrosion resistant to provide the lowest life-cycle cost for your next project.

Headquartered in Giddings, Texas, LFM maintains production facilities across the United States to provide timely service to customers nationwide. No matter what water or wastewater challenge you face, LFM can guide you through the entire scope of your project. From CADD services for custom applications through technical support, budgetary estimates, mold fabrication, transportation, and field service after delivery, we are here to serve you.

ASTM Certified

Our fiberglass wetwells and basins are built to meet the rigid requirements of ASTM Standard D3753. LFM strives to supply its customers with the highest quality fiberglass structures available on the market today by meeting and exceeding all applicable ASTM requirements.

Wetwell Configurations

LFM builds fiberglass wetwells and basins in standard diameters from 36 inches through 15.5-feet. Standard designs depths from 2-feet to over 40-feet are readily available. Designs for greater depths are available upon request.
Prefabricated pipe stub-outs make installations easy and less time consuming. Alternatives for connecting pipe to our fiberglass wetwells and basins include Kor-N-Seal® boots, Link Seal® segmented seals, Inserta Tee® connections, flanges, threaded couplings and electrical conduit connections.

Preinstalled pump plates are readily available in simplex, duplex, triplex and quadplex pump configurations. Hatch openings are fabricated to meet most hatch dimensions on the market.

Professional Delivery

LFM maintains its own fleet of delivery trucks, helping to lower delivery costs considerably. Our fiberglass wetwells are light-weight and can be more easily loaded and unloaded on construction job sites than conventional concrete wetwells. Our delivery personnel see to it that our products are shipped on time and safely to their destination.