Agricultural Markets

LFM’s Agricultural product line includes the original BUL TUF® stock tanks, a variety of wildlife watering tanks, water storage tanks, and fertilizer tanks all specifically designed to perform well in rugged outdoor environments. Contact your LFM sales representative to find out how our line of Agricultural products can meet the requirements of your next project.

BUL-TUF® Stock Tanks

BUL-TUF® watering tanks have been manufactured in Laurel, Montana since 1978, and many tanks delivered more than 30 years ago are still in service on livestock operations today. They are unaffected by exposure to wind, sun, and freezing temperatures. Many others try to sell an imitation, but only LFM sells the original BUL-TUF® stock tank.

Agricultural Markets

Wildlife Watering Tanks

Our Agricultural division provides fiberglass wildlife watering products to help you manage your wildlife resources with less maintenance and worry. We have a full line of guzzlers, walk-in drinkers, valve/float boxes, spring boxes, tire tank covers, and other durable enclosures and products that provide dependable service in the management of upland bird and big game populations.

Water Storage Tanks

LFM builds water tanks that comply with national standards and specifications for storage of potable and non-potable water.  These specifications include those published by the AWWA, FDA, USDA, and TCEQ.

Fertilizer Tanks

LFM produces quality fertilizer tanks that are an outstanding economic value when compared to conventional steel tanks. Additionally, when manufactured using the proper resin system, our fertilizer tanks are fire retardant and resistant to a wide range of chemicals.