Static Discharge Solutions


LFM understands that static discharge is a tank issue, not a fiberglass issue.  All tanks in the oilfield and elsewhere – steel, internally coated steel, and fiberglass – are subject to static current imbalance without proper grounding.  Lightning also poses a risk to tanks of all composition that are not properly fitted with static discharge options.

We offer simple grounding solutions for all our fiberglass tanks.  And remember, even when including the nominal cost for proper grounding and lightning protection, fiberglass tanks cost 10 to 20 percent less than other options.

Headquartered in Giddings, Texas, LFM maintains production facilities across the United States to provide timely service to customers operating in isolated areas. No matter what specific challenge you face, LFM can guide you through the entire scope of your project. From CADD services for custom applications through technical support, budgetary estimates, mold fabrication, transportation, and field service after delivery, we are here to serve you.

Static and Storage Tanks

The movement of fluid in a tank that is filled and then emptied causes a difference in potential between the fluid and the earth. Simply put, the movement creates a positive charge in the fluid.

When the charge builds up to the point that it can overcome the dielectric barrier (usually air, or a mix of air and volatiles), then a static arc may occur. This arc, in turn, can ignite a volatile air/gas mix such as that found in some oilfield storage tanks.

To prevent this static buildup, you must provide a safe path to the ground. This can easily be done by providing a stainless steel cable that is immersed in the fluid, bonded to any metallic components on the tank such as the thief hatch, and then solidly connected to an earth ground.

Additionally, carbon veil strips embedded in the shell of the tank also allow the potential of the tank shell to equalize.

Retrofitting Installed Tanks

LFM can guide you through the process of installing commercially-available static discharge systems for previously installed storage tanks that currently have no static discharge protection.

If you have already purchased an LFM tank, a grounding bolt may be installed to take advantage of the carbon veil.

Quality Assurance

At LFM, we stand behind the products we build and the services we provide.  Speak to your LFM sales representative for complete details about our static discharge systems and installation services.