Water / Wastewater Markets

LFM’s Water / Wastewater product line includes manholes, wetwells and basins, inlet hubs, valve vaults and ARV manholes, chemical storage tanks, water storage tanks, and RainGuard® inflow protectors. Contact your LFM sales representative to find out how our line of Water / Wastewater fiberglass products can meet the requirements of your next project.


LFM’s Water / Wastewater Division provides fiberglass manholes that are leak-free and corrosion resistant to provide the lowest life-cycle cost. Manholes are readily available for depths in excess of 50-feet and diameters up to 20-feet. Each manhole is designed to meet the structural requirements for the burial conditions specified. A wide variety of fiberglass manhole designs and accessories are available, for both new construction and manhole rehabilitation, to meet the specific needs of your project.

Water / Wastewater Markets

Wetwells and Basins

Fiberglass wetwells and basins by LFM are lightweight, making them easier to handle. This means easier, safer, faster, and less costly installations. Additionally, our wetwells and basins are corrosion resistant to biogenic sulfuric acid commonly found in wastewater environments. LFM wetwells can be provided with custom connections and hatch configurations, pump plates, valve boxes, and mounting bolts as required.

Inlet Hubs

LFM makes field connections simple with our inlet hubs. Lateral inlet hubs provide a convenient method for attaching laterals to manholes and wetwells. Each hub consists of fiberglass saddle and PVC or FRP pipe stub to provide a tight seal against the exterior surface of the manhole. The hub may be joined to the manhole with a variety of methods such as fiberglass laminate, epoxy adhesive, or bolts with rubber washers and an elastomeric sealing gasket.

Valve Vaults and ARV Manholes

LFM manufactures fiberglass enclosures for air relief valves (ARV manholes) as well as valve vaults for use in wastewater lift stations. LFM’s ARV manholes and valve vaults are lightweight, stackable, and can be easily shipped to job site locations.

Chemical Storage Tanks

LFM produces quality fiberglass reinforced chemical storage tanks that are an outstanding economic value when compared to conventional steel tanks.  When manufactured using the proper resin system, our chemical tanks are fire retardant and resistant to a wide range of chemicals.

Water Storage Tanks

LFM builds water tanks that comply with national standards and specifications for storage of potable and non-potable water.  These specifications include those published by the AWWA, FDA, USDA, and TCEQ.

RainGuard® Inflow Protectors

One way to make treatment plants more efficient and cost effective is to eliminate rainwater and other sources of run-off from the sewer system. LFM’s RainGuard® Inflow Protector solves the problem of infiltration into the sewer system through manholes. Our RainGuard® inflow protectors are molded ABS plastic dished inserts that fit underneath manhole covers to stop surface water inflow.