Industrial Markets

LFM’s Industrial product line includes a variety of chemical storage tanks, water storage tanks, fire suppression water storage tanks, process vessels, pipe and ducting systems, and spill containment products.  Contact your LFM sales representative to find out how our line of Industrial products can meet the requirements of your next project.

Chemical Storage Tanks

LFM produces quality fiberglass reinforced chemical storage tanks that are an outstanding economic value when compared to conventional steel tanks.  When manufactured using the proper resin system, our chemical tanks are fire retardant and resistant to a wide range of chemicals. LFM also provides spill containment solutions for all our chemical storage tanks.

Industrial Markets

Water Storage Tanks

LFM builds water storage tanks that comply with national standards and specifications for the storage of both potable and non-potable water.  These specifications include those published by the AWWA, FDA, USDA, and TCEQ.

Fire Suppression Water Storage Tanks

LFM provides fiberglass above-ground and below-ground water storage tanks for use in fire suppression activities. Our high-quality water storage tanks can be the difference between simple fire damage and the complete loss of property… and life.

Process Vessels

LFM produces quality reinforced fiberglass process vessels suitable for use in batch or continuous operations.  Our process vessels are corrosion, temperature, and chemical resistant.

Pipe & Ducting Systems

Our fiberglass pipe can be used in both pressure and vacuum applications and is excellent for a wide variety of chemical services including high pressure lines.  We use only the finest quality resins and fiberglass in our pipe and ducting systems.