Process Vessel


LFM builds high quality fiberglass process vessels, specialized to suit our clients’ various needs. Whether these vessels are designed for pressurization, high temperatures, broad pH swings, heated processes, or highly corrosive chemical content, our FRP vessels are engineered to perform under adverse conditions.

Our process vessels present outstanding value on several levels when compared to steel products. We have been a leader in the fiberglass tank industry since 1974, and we stand by all of our process vessels, some of which have been in active service for decades. We utilize the latest equipment available in the industry today, which allows us to supply our customers with the very finest quality fiberglass products.

Headquartered in Giddings, Texas, LFM maintains production facilities across the United States to provide timely service to customers operating in isolated areas. No matter what specific challenge you face, LFM can guide you through the entire scope of your project. From CADD services for custom applications through technical support, budgetary estimates, mold fabrication, transportation, and field service after delivery, we are here to serve you.

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LFM Fiberglass Process Vessels

We partner closely with our customers to assist in the design and manufacture of custom FRP components and systems. Specifically engineered to perform specialty functions, these components are manufactured to meet or exceed customer-specified parameters.  Talk to an LFM representative today to find out more about:

ReactorsFiltersCarbon adsorbers
SeparatorsBlending tanksFull drain
Single- or double-wallInsulated tanksExcellent corrosion resistance
Broad chemical compatibilityASME certified


LFM’s fiberglass process vessels present an outstanding value when compared to steel process vessels. Our products have a longer service life than those fabricated from other materials, which translates into replacement cost savings. Additionally, our high-quality, one-piece process vessels weigh approximately 60% less than steel vessels, making installation and site transfer easier and less expensive.

Strong and Lasting Construction

Our fiberglass pressure vessels are engineered for the specific service conditions required by our customers. LFM builds fiberglass vessels to provide a long and trouble-free service life. Our vessels are built to meet or exceed all applicable regulatory requirements to assure our customers of the highest structural integrity, durability, and corrosive resistance. We maintain individual inspection reports for each process vessel, recording such information as resin system used, actual material usage, fittings, accessories, and delivery destination. The inspection reports are filed for future reference and copies are available upon request. Our excellent inspection program assures that each of our customers receives the highest quality fiberglass products available.

Professional Delivery

LFM has its own fleet of delivery trucks specifically equipped to transport our fiberglass process vessels. We employ a professional delivery staff whose primary goal is to provide safe and courteous on-time delivery of our products to our valued customers.

Quality Assurance

At LFM, we stand behind the products we build. We offer a one-year warranty for workmanship and a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion on our fiberglass process vessels. Speak to your LFM sales representative for complete details.