Rain Water Tanks

Benefits and Installation

Let LFM put our experience to work for you. Our professional staff is ready to serve you. We have been building quality fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks since 1974. We utilize the latest in chop and filament winding equipment, therefore providing our customers with the highest quality fiberglass products on the market today. Our production facility covers 83,000 square feet and is situated on 35 acres just east of Giddings, Texas.

Clean Drinking Water

Clean drinking water is a basic necessity of life. Sometimes we take for granted the supply of clean drinking water. LFM knows the importance of keeping your water supply clean and fresh. We manufacture quality fiberglass RainWater storage tanks that allow you to store water in an environmentally safe manner. Our fiberglass tanks are corrosion resistant. LFM’s fiberglass tanks will keep water fresh and clean, and they are FDA, USDA and AWWA approved for the storage of potable water.


LFM fiberglass tanks weigh approximately 60% less than steel tanks; making installation easier, which can save money in the long run. Also our fiberglass tanks save money because they are more durable and have a longer service life than steel tanks.

Strong & Lasting Construction

Our Fiberglass RainWater storage tanks are engineered for the specific service conditions required by our customers. LFM builds fiberglass tanks to provide a long and trouble-free service life. RainWater tanks are built to meet and/or exceed the strict requirements of ASTM D3299 and ANS/AWWA D120 specifications to assure our customers of the highest structural integrity, durability and corrosive resistance. We maintain individual inspection reports for each tank; recording such information as resin system used, actual material usage, fittings, accessories and destination. The inspection reports are filed for future reference and copies are available upon request. Our excellent inspection program assures that each of our customers receive the highest quality fiberglass products available. At LFM we strive to provide professional service to our customers.

Professional Delivery

We maintain our own fleet of delivery trucks which are equipped for transporting fiberglass tanks. We employ a professional delivery staff whose primary goal is to see to it that our fiberglass tanks are delivered on time and in a safe and professional manner. As an added benefit, the light-weight nature of our fiberglass tanks also helps to cut delivery costs by making it easier to load and unload fiberglass equipment.

Quality Assurance

At LFM we stand behind what we build. We offer a limited one year warranty on our fiberglass RainWater storage tanks. See the warranty section of our brochure for further information.


Required Ordering Information

Certain information is required when ordering fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks. The following is a list that should assist you in deciding which particular tank and resin system best suits your specific needs.

  1. Service environment (contents)
  2. Temperature
  3. Volume
  4. Wind load
  5. Seismic zone
  6. Fittings (size & type)
  7. Specific gravity
  8. Desired dimensions
  9. Above ground or underground installation
  10. Any other options desired