Pipe & Ducting Systems

Benefits and Installation

Let us put our experience to work for you. LFM has been building quality fiberglass pipe and ducting systems since 1982. Our fiberglass pipe can be used in both pressure and vacuum applications and is excellent for a wide variety of chemical services including high pressure lines. We use only the finest quality resins and glass fiber in our fiberglass pipe and ducting systems.

LFM’s main production facility covers over 83,000 square feet and is situated on 35 acres just east of Giddings, Texas on highway 290. Giddings is located 50 miles east of the city of Austin. LFM also has a manufacturing location in Karnes City, Texas and a 120,000 square foot east coast production facility in Waycross, Georgia. Our sales staff is friendly and professional and is ready to help with your fiberglass needs.

Corrosion Free

Fiberglass piping and ducting systems from LFM eliminate the need for extra corrosion protection such as interior painting and cathodic protection systems. Our fiberglass products are corrosion resistant by nature and will provide many years of trouble free service. Over time, this anti-corrosive nature will save money because the need for costly repair and maintenance due to corrosion is minimized.

Chemical Resistant & Fire Retardant

A fiberglass piping system from LFM, when fabricated using a particular resin system, can service multiple processes. Each resin type is resistant to a wide range of chemicals. Also, a fire retardant resin system can be used for certain applications.


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